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"Ever since we decided to go out on our own, the focus has been with the customers and what they want," Leigh says. "Even before, when we were in the planning stage, we knew what our core philosophy would be."
"‘We listen’, it’s as simple and as complex as that," adds Dabian. "Listening leads to understanding, and 
that leads to satisfying our customers’ needs. That’s what they want and that’s what we’re about. We never get complacent about listening." 

So how was it in the early days? "

Opening a new business from scratch is really scary," Leigh says, thinking back. "We were lucky that the project was delayed by about six months because we were able to change our minds enough times to have it right when we opened the doors. We worked well together from way back then."
"Even then we were so nervous that I stayed in another full-time job in case we had no customers," says Dabian. "We needn’t have worried because within a few days we were swamped."
How did that happen?
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