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" Well, in the two months before we opened, we worked hard at promoting the opening," says Leigh.
"Huge posters announcing the opening everywhere," adds Dabian. "The website was up and running, and the word was out. We’d done a great job and didn’t realise it."

The huge windows and interior layout is unusual. What prompted that?

"At first it seemed like a good marketing idea," Leigh replies. "People could see how busy we were, but it actually ended up benefitting the customers far more.""The customers can all see directly, or by the mirrors, onto the street, and what’s happening out there," continues Dabian. "It’s great, we’re in a busy part of Paddington, so there’s lots to look at.""And the mirror layout works internally too," Leigh adds. "The view is interesting everywhere you look."

Had you forgotten or missed anything?

"The list of thing to be done and bought, that was the daunting thing," says Leigh. "We had everything, every single thing down on it, and even then…"
Leigh and Dabian look at each other and laugh. "The splashbacks for the sinks," says Dabian. "We’d totally forgotten about them. The builder wanted to slap up some white tiles, but we couldn’t let that happen and got something stylish."
With a collective fifty years in hair dressing, Dabian and Leigh have found their respective strengths when it comes to running a business. Leigh focusses on the ever-changing facets of women’s fashion, training, and keeping the books, while Dabian looks after the guys and concentrates on the maintenance, marketing, and demands of social media.