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Our Mission, Vision And Values

Exciting things are happening at Verve Hair, and it’s not all about the really great new stuff you can actually see.
Catching up with Dabian, not long after the final touches were being made to the recent salon facelift it, was obvious that much, more was happening behind the scenes.

Dabian explained something he and Leigh are totally committed to: Verve’s mission, vision, and values.
‘It’s never about us,’ Dabian said, when he bounced in with his trademark enthusiasm. ‘When we say ‘we listen’, we also hear and then one hundred percent intend to do something about what we’ve heard. That’s the difference we always want to make.’

But how?

‘Every day we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations,’ Dabian says. ‘And, in doing so, we want to be known for our wow factor.’
Isn’t that difficult when you have clients coming back regularly?
‘Ah, you’ve got it,’ he laughs. That’s what it’s all about, making the right connections with our regular clients, and not because we have to—because we all really want to.’

All of you?

‘Yes, exactly, amazing isn’t it?’ Dabian says, with passion. ‘We’re all professionals here. We love to hear what’s bothering a client, and then prescribe a solution for the problem that works. We have in house systems in place to make sure ongoing treatments are consistent and correct.
But we go better than that, ‘he adds with a smile, ‘We genuinely and sincerely care about what’s happening in our clients’ lives.’

That’s a big wow factor. So, sometimes, you become like friends.

‘Absolutely,’ Dabian says. ‘If a client wants to talk, we listen. If they want to read, snooze, or just drink coffee and think, that’s great too. They trust us to know what they want—when they want it.’

You’re always at the cutting edge. How does that work for you?

‘We have to be,’ Dabian insists. ‘Our clients expect us to tell them what’s coming up for them, as well as what is available right now. New technology means we can provide only the best professional advice and product every time. We’re accountable and we take it seriously.’

What are you aiming for—ultimately?

‘That’s the easiest question,’ Dabian says, thoughtfully. ‘Everything about us has to say we’re Brisbane’s leading upmarket hairstylists. How’s that?’

Will that be as easy as the question?

‘Absolutely not,’ Dabian insists. ‘We never ever expect customer loyalty and trust. We have to give our all first before we can receive those gifts. And, when we have them, we’ll work very hard to keep them.’
They will too.